Key Tips on PowerPoint Presentation

Key Tips on PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint has been a tool used in a number of different scenarios ranging from High School presentation to business analyst meetings. It’s got such a broad range of usage on account of it being able to deliver visuals and essentially cliff note the most important factors in maps of information.  So it’s established that it’s a great tool, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is aware of how to utilize it to its full potential. There are many who go about it entirely the wrong way and the result: A room full of people that didn’t need melatonin for sleep because the presentation itself did the job.

These tips are going to be exactly what you need to keep in mind to prevent this from happening. Follow these few instructions to insure you presentation isn’t only informative, but exciting as well.

Plan it out

Before you even begin putting together a PowerPoint take the time to generalize what order you are planning to integrate the information. Having a general idea can go a long way when it comes to creating slides transitioning from one topic to another.

Gradually Release Information

Have you ever been witness to a presentation where the slide comes up and the person giving the presentation has 13 boxes pop up at once? Do not do this. It only creates a messy screen and overload your audience with information.

Take the time to gradually release one box at a time so that you can properly vocalize what is important about it. Keep in mind the PowerPoint isn’t the presentation; it’s a tool helping YOU give a presentation. The moment you throw all that information up at once the rest of the time you are trying to play catch up with your audience.

Draw the Audience In

Think of ways to get your audience involved. This could be done in a number of techniques, but a common one would be to simply ask questions. Even if they may not know the answer, the more involved that you get your audience, the more intrigued they are going to be about what you have to say.


While the factor of design should be fairly straightforward there are a few things worth noting. Obviously use color schemes that don’t make your audience want to look the other way. While you may love the color bright pink, it’s an entirely different scenario to have to watch an entire PowerPoint coated in it.

Images should be used minimally. They aren’t going to offer the same amount of value that crafty boxes with summarized explanations would.

Present Yourself With the Help of a Tool

We are going to end on what was mentioned earlier, PowerPoint is excellent, efficient tool that can help you give great presentations. It is your job to keep in mind that it’s exactly that, a tool. Remember to always buy the software from a authorized reseller like Software King, the last thing you want to happen is to lose your presentation because your software was a illegal crack.

The presentation is going to be coming from you. Take the time to do proper planning, learning the particular topic, and delivering the information in an entertaining way. PowerPoint has all the tools to help you, utilize them in a way that fits your needs best.

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