Agile Product Roadmap: An Overview And Qualities

Agile Product Roadmap: An Overview And Qualities

21st century is a beehive of ideas and innovations. Everyone is innovating sometime or the other and buzzwords are floating around everywhere. So, if novel thoughts are so common, what can set your idea apart? What must you do to be on top of your game? The answer is simple and straight. Road-mapping.

A product roadmap is nothing but an outlined path for the continuous and constant growth of the idea as well as the inculcation of an adaptive zeal in the plan to account for dynamic and on-the-go changes. It is an expression of where the product is headed and what makes it so awesome that it can attract a horde of investors with their money as well as minds at your service.

An ideal product roadmap must facilitate constant changing capability needed to make a project worthwhile and also promote learning as well as versatile decision-making. Simply put, a sure shot way of making your idea work is to adopt a result-oriented roadmap that is both sturdy and flexible to allow your plans to have a concrete base as well as dynamic conversion capability.

The best way to design a roadmap is to focus on the goals rather than arguing about add-ons. In this way, the discussion always hovers around the achievement of real time milestones rather than the inclusion of no good, over the top additions. It reduces bickering over different responsibilities and makes the team members committed towards goal realization.

The topmost quality that a roadmap must possess is communication of ideas, of intentions and of obligations. Everyone must have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, where the progress lies right now and what is left to be done. It should be enough to have one look at the roadmap and be sure of what is next up in the to-do list.

The best roadmap is the one where less is said and more is done. It clarifies the various stages of product development and always reminds people of ‘what’ is important rather than ‘whom’. The roadmap should help in goal alignment with respect to organizational strategy.  This makes it easier to improve the planning for budget considerations. Therefore, the need for clarity in roadmaps is at the least, crystal.

The next thing to consider is manipulation of the roadmap with considerations for realistic goal achievement feedback as well as ease of updating. New ideas should be easily incorporated without compromising with the speed of execution and in keeping with the original goals that had been decided beforehand. It should be simple and easy to understand. Ideas should be easily incorporated and maximum dynamic development should be made accessible. The whole idea of product roadmap lies in its ability to enhance its agility and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Many roadmaps fail to attract the attention of the surrounding people for the sake of involvement. It is absolutely imperative to have the attention of the team by making them stakeholders in the roadmap creating process. Everyone should be involved and each idea should be discussed and put before a group before making it into a decision. If a person feels that the idea on which he is working is his own brainchild, the quality of the work is bound to be excellent. Therefore, time and resources must be dedicated to identify responsible stakeholders and have them carve out an immaculate roadmap considering their own inputs and modifications.

Agile roadmaps using softwares is focused on realistic and feedback-based growth mechanisms rather than speculative systems that only bias decision making and hampers goals. Hence, one must always do the prep work and never try to ignore loose ends while ensuring a high degree of flexibility and modifiability into the roadmap so as to ensure easy execution. You yourself can determine the meter of your success. That is why, choose your own bars to rise and don’t run by the KPIs (key progress indicators) set by others.

Don’t think much. Don’t put it off. Dream it, do it. It is not rocket science -Just a culmination of careful planning and preparation.



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