7 Most Useful Power Tools You Must Have in Your Collection


7 Most Useful Power Tools You Must Have in Your Collection


Every day, we learn something new, we explore and we evolve. Everything around us evolves too, one way or the other. The evolution of coal locomotives to electronic locomotives, that of ENIAC to the modern age super computers and that of heavy telephones to the light weighing sophisticated smartphones are a few of the finest examples of modern day evolution.

In the same manner, the old school householdtools have evolved into the highly efficient, sophisticated and fast power driven tools, or the ‘Power Tools’. These are the new breed of tools which are being preferred by most of the people now days.

Let us have a close look at some of these important dewalt tools which have made their way to the common households:


1. Nailer: We all would have used a hammer for nailing, which takes a lot of time and consumes a lot of energy. In this situation, power driven Nailer comes to the rescue. Regardless of the number of nails we want to put in, it keeps going on and on. Nailers are available in Coil and Strip styles.

According to the source of power, Nailers are categorized into two: one run by a compressor, the other one run by lithium-ion batteries.


2. Cordless Drill Driver: When it comes to versatility, the cordless drill driver gives a tough competition to the other members of the power tool family. It performs a wide range of tasks, from acting as a screw driver to drilling holes in the work piece. Though they are less powerful than the corded ones, they have the advantage of being handy as there is no fuss related to wires.

The power of cordless drill drivers ranges from 6-36 volts, out of which the most commonly used are the ones working on 12-15 volts.


3. Miter Saw: The angled cuts are known as Miters and hence, the tool which is used to make angled cuts in the work piece is known as a ‘Miter Saw’. It is one of the popular Makita tools. Be it making straight cuts at the work piece, to making cuts at different angles, this power tool is the best suited for the job.


4. Power Sander: It takes a lot of time working with a hand sander and it doesn’t always work in a perfect manner. Power Sander makes the job easier. A sanding pad is held by a sanding head which is moved by a motor. There are three types of Power Sanders:


5. Reciprocating Saw: Demolishing different items is the favorite job of a Reciprocating Saw. It can destroy anything, from metal to wood and plastics. We can use it for various purposes. It comes in two variants, one is corded and the other is cordless. With the cordless saw, there is an advantage of it being handy. But when it comes to power, the corded saw manages to supply more power. It maneuvers the work piece the way we want. If we want high maneuverability, we have to purchase a saw which can operate on high power levels (18-24 volts).


6. Caulking Gun: A caulk works as strong glue and also as filler. It acts as a cartridge which consists of substance used to fill up small voids in the work piece. The caulking gun holds the caulk and generates the appropriate amount of substance to be filled in the cracks and voids. The caulk is generally prepared through latex or silicon. Caulking guns are generally used in household repairs, and prove to be quite useful.


7. Power Planer: No other tool can plane the surface as a power planer does. This tool saves a huge amount of time, considering the time taken by the general hand planers to plane the surfaces of the work piece. It planes finely, leaving a great finishing touch behind. The blade speed of a general power planer is about 20,000 rpm. 

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So, these are the Power Tools which we must have with us in our collection. Don't rest till you collect all of them!

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